In preparation for the wedding,
I was sitting in my home,
So I got a pen and paper,
And I wrote a little poem.

The big day it is upon us,
The biggest day of Duffos life,
After all the years of trying,
Danielle is finally his wife.

I first met Duffo in Clontarf,
Where he always was last pick,
With his skinny tooth pick legs,
And rocking a cows lick.

But Duffo soon began to shine,
And we knew that he was class,
But if you called his name a hundred times,
You still couldn’t get a pass.

That Clontarf team was really good,
And many clubs we did batter,
And with PD in the linesman’s ear ,
He was our very own Sepp Blatter.

Laughing, joking messing,
Dancing around the room,
Compliments for the bridesmaids,
Sambucas for the groom.

From Belgrove in to Belvo,
Duffo was magic with the ball,
A bucketful of dax wax,
And standing four foot tall.

With the staple diet of hot dogs,
Rustler burgers in the freezer,
Duffo had to clean up his act,
And give up Bacardi Breezer.

He hit the weights,
And smashed the gym,
He thought he was pretty dreamy,
He saw off competition,
From his good old pal Paul Feeney.

Winning the cup with Belvo,
Was something really great,
With O Donohoe at scrum half,
And the out half his best mate.

He played for Ireland 20s,
But the sport it soon did cease,
Next thing we saw Duffo,
Bollock naked down in Greece.

And then he took the world by storm,
It was the talk of all the pubs,
Did ya hear about Martin Duffy,
He’s gone running all the clubs.

Working in Krystal,
Serving Conor McGowan,
Was Duffos living hell,
But this was all part of the plan,
To get closer to Danielle.

He tried everything with the showstopper,
Night after night after night,
And finally after 18 months,
Nolan gave him the green light.

The two of them are special,
She makes him happy as Larry,
And finally he got down on one knee,
And proposed to her in Harrys.

I’ve never seen Duffo happier,
Beaming full of pride,
The man with the little skinny legs,
Has got himself a bride.

Finally a massive thank you,
To everyone in the room,
Now let’s raise our glasses,
For the gorgeous bride and groom.