Watching the US Open,
Chilling out at home,
I got a pen and paper,
And I wrote a little poem.

You ask someone to marry you,
And pray to God they don’t say no,
Here’s a few lines for Today FM,
And the Ian Dempsey Show.

The celebration of your wedding,
The best day of your life,
Himself becomes the hubby,
And your one becomes the wife.

A few drinks at the hotel,
And chats about the hen,
Lads checking out the young ones
Women checking out the men.

Everyone looks so fine,
But that’s after 11 pints,
And a bucket load of wine.

Laughing, joking messing,
Dancing around the room,
Compliments for the bridesmaids
Sambucas for the groom.

Boring speeches by the parents
Thanking all the clan,
Come to me for something different,
I’m the wedding poet man.

Now my poem is over,
Twas only a bit of crack,
I’m off to prepare a masterpiece,
For the wedding of sweet pea mac.

So thanks for having me Iano,
To all my friends a radio wave,
Thanks to Shauna also,
Now it’s over to Dermot & Dave.